Where and When to find the new Hybrid Toyota Corolla for sale in NJ

The time has finally come: the new Hybrid Toyota Corolla is here!


At least, it’s almost here, and we want to tell you all about it, so you can be as excited as we are for its Spring release!  


The Corolla is the newest generation of a truly brilliant line of cars which have only continued to improve over the decades. It’s no wonder that Corollas are the best-selling car in history, with over 45 million sold since its 1966 debut and accounting for one in five of the total Toyota sales in 80 years.


The Corolla Hybrid is the freshest example of Toyota ingenuity: not only does it feature all new engine technology—vastly improving upon the old Hybrid—but even the structure of the car is made using all new innovations in design and technology, called Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).


And that’s not all: you now have the choice between not one, not two, but three Corolla Hybrids! Choose between the Corolla Hatchback, the Corolla Sedan and the Corolla Touring Sport when you’re looking for your new Toyota Corolla for sale. NJ ‘s Autoland Toyota located in Springfield, New Jersey will be happy to help you find the perfect car to make your driving dreams come true!



Part of the Toyota team’s Corolla concept from the beginning has been to anticipate customers’ needs. This commitment has led to a history of huge technological and design advancements which have had great impacts on the world of auto-making. The new hybrid is no exception.

Designed to maximize fuel efficiency while minimizing emissions, Toyota sees the Corolla Hybrid as a seamless way for customers to adopt electrification as more and more cities instate low-emission regulations in a world committed to cleaning up the air.


So what makes the new Corolla Hybrid so exciting?

For one thing, it comes with three “modes” or gear options which will provide you—the driver—with much more flexibility in how you want to drive your car. Modes include NORMAL, ECO and SPORT.

EV or Electric Vehicle mode (also called ECO) allows you to switch the car to full electric power for short distances—assuming there is enough battery charge. Using zero gas, your car will transform into a fully electric vehicle. This is a great option if you just need to bop down the road to do some errands or pick the kids up from school.

On the other hand, the Corolla Hybrid also offers you the option of Sport mode which, unlike the hybrid predecessors, will allow for a stronger acceleration when you need that increase in engine power— perfect for city driving when you want your car to “think-quick” in response to your driving.  

It is estimated that you’ll get a whopping 50 miles per gallon driving the Corolla Hybrid, making this vehicle a fabulous economical option, and since it is happily self-charging, you’ll never need to plug it in.

In fact, all core models will be offered with two engine options.

The first is a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder Dynamic Force engine with 169 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque. This is an engine with more power on demand providing effortless acceleration and more “fun to drive” characteristics.

The second engine is a 1.8-litre engine with 122 horsepower. With all the 4th generation hybrid system’s strengths, it also features improved response and linearity with improved fuel efficiency.

The new Corollas are fun to drive, better on emissions and offer enormous mile-per-gallon savings. With 12 million drivers already enjoying the benefits of Toyota Hybrids, this is a great time to join the club by getting a Toyota Corolla, soon to be for sale in NJ at Autoland Toyota. You’ll find a huge selection of new and pre-owned vehicles to choose from!



Improved Handling Technology: TNGA

In addition to the brilliant new Hybrid engine, the line of Corollas will also feature the innovative Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) engineering platform.

The TNGA includes a lowered centre of gravity—lowered by 10mm—and a 60% more rigid body shell—through the use of high strength steel used as reinforcement in key areas. These factors combine to reduce body roll during turns, providing both a smoother ride and more fun driving as you hug turns.

TNGA also includes a multi-link rear suspension, which looks something like a double wishbone, to absorb shocks more efficiently, vastly improving handling and giving you a much more comfortable ride.

Additionally, a nickel-metal hydride battery pack, located under the rear seat for optimum cargo capacity, contributes to the new Corolla’s low centre of gravity. All these factors combine to promise improved on-road agility and driving dynamics with a much smoother ride. Even the driving position has been optimised to help cut down fatigue on long journeys.

Find your own Toyota Corolla for sale in NJ at Autoland Toyota, serving Springfield Township and Union County.



Meet the Family: 3 new Hybrid Corollas

Toyota has not only turned the Corolla into a hybrid, they’ve also expanded the family, thus appealing to a wider range of drivers. Introducing the Corolla Hatchback and the Corolla Touring Sport: two all new offerings to join the Corolla Sedan, thus broadening your options.

The best part? All of them are offered as hybrids!

Whichever body type fits your preference and lifestyle, they will all provide you with an equally safe, reliable and efficient car that is fun, comfortable and economical to drive.

All body styles feature a low nose and wide stance, giving the Corolla family a striking, sporty look. Add to this a honeycomb mesh grille, distinctive LED headlamps and tail lamps, eye-catching colour options and a choice of distinctive wheel designs, and you’ll find yourself making an impression wherever you drive.

The hatchback obviously carries a bit more space in the back, but the Touring Sport also has a generous trunk space thanks to an adjustable deck board and easily folded seats. The sedan also features a spacious boot.

As for the interior, it is both practical and stylish—a perfect match to the exterior.

The Corolla family features an instrument panel that includes a standard 8-inch touch screen display, with Entune 3.0. This suite includes both Apple Car Play and Amazon Alexa. It also includes Wifi. Unlike Competitors, all of this comes completely standard.

What’s not to love? If you want a reliable, fun and cost-efficient vehicle, you’ll want a Toyota Corolla: coming soon for sale in NJ at Autoland Toyota in Springfield.



Manual Transmission

For those of you who like a bit more control over your car and are fully committed to your stick-shift models, you will be delighted to learn that the 12th generation Corolla will continue the manual transmission tradition, even as more and more companies drop the beloved manual. With a 6-speed “intelligent” system that is completely new for the 2020 model, this car has real rev, making your drive all the more engaging.

Hill-start Assist Control comes standard, meaning you won’t have to use the old emergency break trick on the steep hills anymore, and new drivers will have a less stressful time getting up those inclines!


Automatic Transmission

For those of you who prefer an automatic transmission in your car, you’ll also be happy with the improvements on the new Hybrid Corolla. The automatic option will be a Dynamic Shift, continuously variable transmission (CVT). Toyota promises a significant 20% faster shifting speed than in the typical CVT. And with the Sport Mode option, you will be almost as zippy as your manual counterparts.



Toyota is known for having very high safety standards. Making sure you’re safe out there on the road is our top priority and crucial to the Toyota design: we optimize safety while also creating greater driving ease.

Offering ever more technologically advanced safety features, Toyota includes them standard across the board, on every. single. model.

The second generation TSS (Toyota Safety Sense) includes upgraded versions of the Pre-Collision System (PCS) with pedestrian detection for day and low light, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with a  full speed dynamic radar, Lane Departure Alert (LDA) with steering assist, Road Sign Assist (RSA)—it can recognize road signs!!—and Automatic High Beams (AHB).

September 22, 2022
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