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Whether you've had your eyes set on a Toyota RAV4 SUV, Toyota Camry Sedan, or Toyota Tacoma truck, the auto financing center at Autoland Toyota is ready to help you with the next step. Deciding how to finance your next Toyota vehicle can be overwhelming and stressful. However, our Springfield, New Jersey Toyota dealership is prepared to make the process as easy and convenient as possible. Many drivers from Elizabeth, Newark, and Union ask us the same question: ‘Should I lease or buy my next car?’ Since every driver is different, we have prepared a helpful guide to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two main options. If you’re still not sure which Toyota financing plan is right for you, give our auto finance experts a call to learn more.

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Leasing vs Buying from our Springfield, NJ Dealership

Ownership x
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No Mileage Limit x
Vehicle Customization x
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Should I Finance or Lease My Next Car?

Auto Lease

If you’re all about the price, a Toyota lease from Autoland Toyota might be your best bet. Since you’re not working towards ownership, you’re not paying for the entirety of the car, meaning your monthly car payments will be less. Car leases typically have a lower down payment, too, allowing you to go for a more expensive trim level. With a new car lease, you can rely on your vehicle and not worry about major and unexpected repairs. Leases also typically require fewer car repairs too, as much of the service and maintenance is handled under the warranty. Toyota leases also come with more flexibility because once you’re done with your lease agreement, you can turn in the keys, purchase a car, or walk away completely. However, keep in mind that if you break the lease in any way, like going over the mileage limit or terminating your lease early, you will have to pay hefty fees. Leases are great for commuters that want reliability in every mile! If that sounds like you, give our team a call today to get started.

Auto Loans

Conventional Toyota financing, on the other hand, is all about commitment. Once you’ve made the last payment on your Toyota loan, you officially own your vehicle. While this does come with larger car payments and larger down payment, you’re working towards ownership of the vehicle. Ownership allows you to do a few things with your car that leases won’t allow. Firstly, you can take all the road trips you want. You don’t have a mileage limit to go over, so you can load up the miles and truly explore the road. Secondly, you can personalize and customize your vehicle with performance parts and custom paint jobs. Since you’re the owner of your own vehicle, you can make it yours. However, purchasing your Toyota vehicle means you’re in charge of the costs of maintenance and repairs for your vehicle’s lifetime. After the warranty expires, all your repairs are under your responsibility. If you see yourself having a car for a few years and love the idea of a no-mileage limit situation, a Toyota loan from Autoland Toyota is your solution. Get the ball rolling and apply for financing online!


Choose the Right Toyota Financing Plan for You

Whether you love the idea of purchasing your vehicle outright, choosing one of our competitive Toyota lease options or applying for Toyota financing, the experts at Autoland Toyota are ready to help. We work with all sorts of credit scores, from bad credit and nonexistent credit to great credit to secure you a financing option that works with your lifestyle. We have spent time developing great relationships with banks and lenders so that you don’t have to. Whether you’re from Springfield, Elizabeth, Union, or Newark, NJ, our auto financing experts are ready to get to work on your behalf. If you’re still not clear which financing plan works for you, our professionals are happy to walk you through your options. Otherwise, get in touch to value your trade-in vehicle, explore our Toyota financing specials, review our Toyota lease specials, estimate your monthly payment, and more!

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