A Pizza-Making Tundra from Toyota?!

A Pizza-Making Tundra from Toyota?!  Shop Tundras from the Best Toyota Dealer in NJ – Pizza Robot Not Included!

When Toyota was looking for a way to demonstrate the versatility of the Tundra, pizza came to mind. Sure, why not? Through conversations with Pizza Hut, the idea of a vehicle that could make a pizza order while in route to the customer was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

They teamed up with Pizza Hut to create a mobile pizza kitchen to showcase at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. The result was the Pizza PIE Tundra Pro, a mind-blowing feat that could only be accomplished through teamwork.

Finding the perfect truck

The engineers and fabricators knew the Tundra SR5 long bed would be the ideal truck for this project. It offered just the right amount of size, while still being powerful enough to handle the amount of technology they were to install in it. 

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A focus on Eco-friendly

This incredible transformation began with stripping the Tundra SR5 down to its frame. Next came the strategic redesign of the Tundra to pull off this momentous task. The team at Toyota started with the removal of the gasoline engine and replaced it with a hydrogen fuel-cell electric power unit. Changing out the engine ensured that this one-of-a-kind pizza vehicle was as eco-friendly as possible while still retaining the power needed for the robotics added later in the build. Using a hydrogen fuel-cell electric power unit meant that the only emissions from the vehicle would be water, even after twelve hours of running.

The addition of robotics

Once the engine was changed out, the engineers continued installing the rest of the Nachi robotic elements into the truck bed. While Nachi robots are predominately used for industrial purposes, the company was thrilled to be part of this ground-breaking integration – with a fun purpose.  After working tirelessly with Nachi’s programmers, Toyota was able to transform this once-standard Tundra into a mobile pizza kitchen that makes excellent pizza while having virtually zero environmental impact. 

Seeing the culmination of Tundra power and Nachi robotic intervention is indeed a sight to behold! Inside the bed of the truck is everything you would find in a standard kitchen to make a delicious pizza.  The Tundra PIE Pro can have your pizza ready and in the delivery box in a matter of 6-7 minutes. 

How it works

The pizza makers of the future are two independent robotic arms, attached to the truck bed floor and strategically placed within the kitchen. 

The first arm starts the process by selecting the exact pre-made pizza the customer ordered for the onboard fridge. Each pizza is on a specially designed plate with a handle.  It places the pizza on the counter (and even remember to close the fridge door).  From there, the robot moves the pizza to a convection oven for baking while still on the original plate. 

When the pizza is done, a second robot takes over. It carefully slides the pizza over to the cutting station.  With mathematical precision, it cuts the pizza into equal slices.  From there it carefully picks up the pizza and begins the final stage of the job.  Throughout the process, as needed, the robot cleverly cleans up after itself to ensure every pizza is made on a clean plate.

The mechanical arm locates a pre-assembled box and sets it next to the pizza. Gently it picks up the plate the pizza was cut on and gracefully slides the pizza from the plate and into the box. Amazingly it closes the lid with ease and sets the box aside on the counter.  

In the final stages, the robot arm slides the pizza box through a delivery slot located in the truck bed side.  Lastly, the box is pushed through the delivery slot just enough for a fellow (human) employee or awaiting customer to grab the pizza. As a bonus, the robot even rings a service bell to let you know it’s time to eat!

Meanwhile, the first robot arm is selecting and cooking the next pizza order. The robots are incredibly efficient within their compact truck bed kitchen, ensuring that every customer receives a freshly baked pizza.

Future applications

At the moment, the Tundra PIE Pro is a prototype and quirky showpiece, but it may soon have real-life applications. The next time you’re at a college event or concert, your Pizza Hut pizza may be made by with a truck just like this. Rather than a pizza that may have cooled off in transport, you can have an oven-hot pizza in mere minutes! 

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